Karimnagar to Medaram Distance & Buses

Planning to attend the Holy Festival of Sammakka Sarakka Jatara in Medaram, Warangal from / via Karimnagar.

To reach Medaram, you need to travel via Warangal city, need to travel a total distance of 166.8 KMs and travel duration is about 3.30 hrs to 4.00 hrs.


Important Dates of Jatara:

Samakkha Saralamma Festival Dates

Date Will Happen
17 Feb 2016 Goddess Saralamma will arrive to Platform (Gadde)
18 Feb2016 Goddess Sammakka will arrive to Platform (Gadde)
19 Feb 2016 Devotees offer naivedyam or other offerings like Bangaram
(bellam – jaggery)
20 Feb 2016 Last day of Sammkka Sarakka Jathara. Goddess Sammakkar
and Saralamma will return back in to forest

















Karimnagar to Medaram TSRTC Bus

TSRTC is running special buses from Karimnagar, Warangal to medaram jatara

As per the information TSRTC will buses from Karimnagar for every 30 minutes.

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